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NOTE: This is a copy of the example published in our Bio-Protocols paper. It is a very simplified version of the system we run in the lab. It should be a good starting point if you are interested in implementing a metadata management system in your lab. Note that you will not be able to log in to this wiki with the noted passwords; you can browse the pages but cannot edit them (make any changes). Get your own copy to edit by following the instructions in the protocol. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions. Enjoy

Welcome to the CajalLab wiki

Hello…if Cajal ran a lab today, he would use a wiki to keep track of lab metadata.

  • Take a few minutes to learn the wiki syntax here.
  • You can modify Pages by clicking Edit this page on the right side.
  • Change the timezone in your wiki as shown here 1). This wiki is set to ET.
  • This start page is set in Admin, Access Control List to READ for ALL. Everyone can see it without logging in.
  • The wiki Administrator username is santiago and the password is NeuronDoctrine2). Click Log in on the top right, add these details, and click Remember Me to act as the Administrator.
  • Remember to Back-up your wiki on a daily basis using your preferred method.

Lab Member Notebooks

These are individual lab member notebooks used for general notes. Learn the syntax and how to create pages within your namespace.

Santiago | Jake | Jane

Experimental Subjects

Alive Animals | All Animals | Create New Animals

Animals are created when they arrive from the vendor or when weaned after breeding. 
Within Animal pages, there are sections for Sessions, Surgeries, Recovery, and Histology.
  Sessions are non-surgical procedures done to live animals. 
  Surgeries are surgical procedures.
  Recovery are surgical procedure recovery logs. 
  Histology is the treatment of fixed tissues obtained at death.  

Strains | Breeding Cages

Breeding cages allow you to keep track of breeding. 


A subgroup is a grouping of animals that defines an experiment. 
If an Animal has a Subgroup, it is in use, otherwise, it is available.

Lab Procedures

Procedures | Solutions | Probes

Procedures are the Methods used to perform experiments.
  Procedure pages include step-by-step details on how to perform the method.
Solutions are combinations of chemicals performed in the lab.
  Chemicals are purchased from vendors.  
Probes are combinations of materials used to build devices (e.g., Electrodes).
  Materials are purchased from vendors.

An example protocol detailing the procedure to create this wiki lab system is shown here.

Lab Components and Ordering

Vendors | Chemicals | Materials

Vendors are stores or places from where items are purchased (or obtained). 
Materials are purchased items that are not Chemicals, Equipment, or Animals.

Setups | Equipment | Computers | Drives

Setups are combinations of Equipment and Computers.
Drives are attached to Computers to store data. 
  The dates, when you add and remove a Drive from a computer, track file locations.


IACUC protocols | DEA controlled drugs

IACUC protocols are approved lab protocols.
DEA controlled drugs are those drugs that need tracking.
you simply need to edit a file in the CONF folder
you would obviously never show this info on a real wiki ;-)
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