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These are the existing Procedures. Procedures are methods applied to animals. Procedures are created below. After the procedure exists, animals are assigned in their pages or directly in a table.

1BrainExtBrain extraction after overdose of drug
2FixBrainFixate extracted brain
3Create new WikiHow to create this wiki system
4ImageFluorImage sections using Fluorescent microscope
5impElectrodeImplant electrodes in brain for chronic recordings
6injAAVInject AAV into the brain
7injIPIntraperitoneal injection
8Open FieldOpen Field in arena with video tracking
9postFixBrainPost-fixative treatment of brain
10recElecRecord neural activity using electrophysiology
11vibBrainCorSection a full brain in coronal plane using a vibratome

Create a new Procedure

Existing Procedures are listed here. To create a new procedure you must lookup the next available number in the list above. If the last number in the list above is 33 1), then the next procedure page name will be proc34 (use lower case only). Type proc34 in the field below and press Add Page. When the new page appears, change Title to your preferred name for this procedure. Also, add a description in the Description field and press Save.

You are not allowed to add pages

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